Salty Goat

Salty Goat

This concept went through a number of iterations before it eventually found its identity as Salty Goat Taqueria. It is a fast casual restaurant based on serving authentic (yet approachable) Mexican cuisine. 

We knew there would need to be a bit of an education for customers on what some of the menu items were, so we embraced a hand-drawn illustration style of communicating these aspects.

The owner, Jason McConnell, had a pet goat named Salt as a child and specifically wanted a logo with a fun facial expression on the goat. We did our best to deliver just that along with some graphic elements to help further the personality of the brand.

If you ever find yourself in Spring Hill, TN, we highly recommend swinging by and grabbing yourself some cactus fries, tacos and a Float Your Goat!

Services Provided: Logo Refresh and Branding, Graphic Design, Website Development, Photography, Marketing Content, Retail Merchandise Design & Sourcing