The Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry

When we were first approached by the new owner of The Pancake Pantry, it was to design labels for retail products in the restaurant. However, through further conversation, it was decided that The Pancake Pantry needed an entire brand refresh.

The most glaring issue was the multiple versions of logos that were floating around. The only digital logo they had was a black and white version that did not match any of the four versions used in building signage. But it wasn't just a logo they were missing. So after creating a consistent logo and variations for various applications, a consistent identity for the brand was further defined – one that paid homage to the 1960s in which The Pancake Pantry was founded. 

It's always a delicate process when so much history is involved and people feel very close to a brand, but we were confident that there was a way to tie in the history while making minor updates to The Pancake Pantry brand in a way that not only embraced the past, but could feel timeless and even current. 

Through colors, patterns, icons and existing physical elements of The Pancake Pantry itself, we were able to give the brand a little burst of new life. Our hope is that customers (young and old, local and visiting) will be able to enjoy the restaurant and all the nostalgia, tradition, and exceptional food that it has to offer!

Services Provided: Logo Refresh & Branding, Website Development, Copywriting, Photography, Label Design


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