GReKo is all about family. It is a family-run business that is dedicated to honoring family heritage. They were committed to bringing the authentic flavors and the street food culture of Greece here to Nashville. That theme of "street" not only applied to the menu but the overall vibe of the brand. 

With the name and inspiration in place, after a few rounds of creative brainstorming, we landed on the identity of GReKo. From the graffiti-inspired logo to menu design, in-store signage, and marketing materials... everything payed homage to the vibrant culture of Greece. Details like the wheat-pasted menu to restroom signs that mimic Greek street signs further carry that theme.

And if you've not been to GReKo yet, you're missing out! They are definitely one of our top go-to spots in East Nashville. 


Services Provided: Logo and Branding, Copywriting, Website Development, Retail Merchandise Design & Sourcing, Photography, Marketing Content