Christie Cookie Co.

Christie Cookie 

“Fresh Branding applied their creative magic and talent to achieve our branding goals. My favorite thing about working with Fresh Branding is their attention to detail and they were very diligent in getting to know our company. Our experience was both educational and fun!”
Caroline Sloan – Marketing Manager, Christie Cookie Co.

If you've been in Nashville long, you've heard of Christie Cookie Co. While they have been around since 1983, it seems as though they have exploded even more over the past few years – creating partnerships with local chefs (you'll see their name on many dessert menus in town) and expanding their services. 

With their expansion, we were approached to help design their new catering delivery program: from slogans to aesthetics to sourcing packaging options.

We wanted to create something engaging for customers (after all, getting cookies catered is a fun experience) but without being too kitschy. Once we established the slogan "Time For A Fresh-Baked Break," all of the other pieces began to fall into place. The crossword puzzle on the napkin added an element of interaction with the customer, while the milk jugs gave a nod to the delivery milk bottles of the past.

It was such a fun project to see come to life, and we now have an excuse to order cookies for the office any time we want!


Services Provided: Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Package Sourcing, Copywriting

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