Casey Jones Moonshine

Casey Jones Moonshine

Lewis Communications approached us to assist with brand development for their client Casey Jones Distillery. Their client has a storied history of moonshining in prohibition-era Kentucky. Facing neutral to negative public associations with moonshine, Lewis helped reposition Casey Jones Distillery rightly as a premium product and focused on the quality and the rich history of the brand. We created a series of 14 different recipes ensuring a strong, seamless and comprehensive brand rollout.

We named, created and tested multiple craft-cocktail recipes; and once we were happy with them, we hosted an on-site tasting with the agency and client. (It sure comes in handy having a full bar in the studio!) We fine-tuned and photographed each for Lewis to use on Casey Jones' website, at their distillery for tastings and in social content.

Services Provided: Recipe Naming and Development, Photography