55 South

55 South

When we first met with the fine folks of 55 South, they were preparing to grow their brand from the original (and very successful) location in downtown Franklin, TN, into a multi-unit concept. Like many businesses, their branding was not forefront in their mind when they first started; but they knew it would be wise to solidify their identity before taking the steps to grow.

Their name came from the highway that stretches through much of the South (from Memphis to New Orleans) and was a jumping-off point for inspiration on how to best define their brand. We created a custom map and repurposed classic way-finding icons and elements. But this was not a make-over, simply a refresh. Their original logo was good, but there was only one version - which limited the applications. So after working to provide a collection of options for their logo, we continued with a complete brand style guide and supplementary graphics. 

Now on their third location, 55 South has put our tools to work as they continue to build their business into something worth making the (road) trip to experience.


Services Provided: Logo Refresh and Branding, Graphic Design, Website Development, Marketing Content, Retail Merchandise Design & Sourcing, Warehousing & Fulfillment