The Peach Truck: Content Development Case Study

It was in the summer of 2012 that Nashville first got a taste of The Peach Truck’s juicy Georgia peaches, and it’d be negligent to say that Nashville merely liked ‘em. Every summer since, that old forest green Jeep has been making the rounds of Music City, slinging bushels of peaches to their endless fans, bringing more and more of that beautiful fruit with them every season.

With their quick and exponential growth, owners Stephen and Jessica Rose saw a lot of potential for The Peach Truck. They knew they wanted to connect with their audience in different ways than just handing over a brown bag of peaches. In order to increase engagement with their fans and continue to see growth in their company, The Peach Truck had to do more than just sell peaches.

As one of Nashville’s most beloved “food brands,” it only made sense to further reinforce the brand into their audience’s brain using more food items: peach-focused recipes.

Fresh Branding gained an understanding of the brand and then created recipes that would reinforce and expound upon it. While fresh Georgia peaches sure taste good on their own, folks are even more likely to run out and buy them if they see a photo of some ultra-sticky, ultra-juicy, make-your-mouth-water Sticky Peach Ribs--made with The Peach Truck peaches.

Fresh Branding created the recipes for the client.

  • After creating a list of two dozen peach-focused recipe options, the clients selected fifteen to proceed with development.
  • FB purchased all necessary ingredients and then prepped, tested and prepared each recipe in our Kitchen Aid test kitchen.
  • FB tasted each recipe, made adjustments as necessary, and wrote out complete recipes for each of the fifteen items, using consistent formatting and language in each.

Fresh Branding photographed each recipe in-house.

  • With the availability of a multitude of props, FB styled each of the fifteen photos to appear unique and different from one another, while still remaining consistent with The Peach Truck’s visual identity and brand.
  • Each recipe was photographed from a variety of angles and perspectives, offering both ¾ shots and overhead shots, giving the client plenty of options depending on their preference. On the same note, most photos were also photographed both horizontally and vertically, to ease in use for graphic, social, PR and marketing initiatives.
  • With an abundance of natural light available for shooting, the photos lack any studio-vibe and instead feel light and summery, concurrent with the Peach Truck brand.


Fresh Branding provided content for the client to use as desired.

  • One of the ways in which FB stands out is that these projects are handled as “work for hire.” Once the project is complete and the photographs have been edited and shared, the client is given free range to do with them as they please. FB does not require photo or recipe attribution or license the images. Instead the client has full ownership of recipes and images in perpetuity.
  • FB typed up recipes in a consistent tone and format so that the client could use them with complete ease and freedom. Client can then simply copy and paste recipes to post from their own website easily.
  • Client can also save recipes to send to media publications and is able to claim full ownership of recipes and print-ready high-resolution images.