Why Squarespace is a Great Platform for your Restaurant's Website


Why Squarespace is a Great Platform for your Restaurant’s Website

Squarespace Restaurants Website

Building a website may seem like a daunting task for any restaurant or food business. Whether you are just starting out, or you need to refresh your existing web presence, the first step in building your new site is to determine where you're going to build it. There are lots of options out there: Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace. All of them have their pros and cons, but after building countless websites for restaurants, distilleries, and a variety of specialty food producers, there is really only one platform that we use these days to build out our sites: Squarespace.

Below we'll share some of the many reasons why Squarespace is our go-to platform for building out our client’s websites.

1. Easy Editing

There's nothing worse than investing in a beautiful new, professionally designed website only to discover months later that even minor edits to your menu are a time-consuming and costly process. Often times, you'll find that these sites are built on some overly-complicated system that you can't figure out. You then go to the folks that built your site for you and several days, and several hundred dollars later, your edits are finally up.

This is exactly the situation we try to avoid. We know that when it comes to small restaurant businesses, the resources aren't always there to pay a web developer to make simple online updates. You should never feel held hostage by a web developer, which is exactly why we love Sqaurespace. Once the site is built, it couldn't be easier to go in and make simple copy and text changes. There’s no coding involved, and the simple, easy to understand editor makes updating your site painless and quick.

2. Great Menus

Squarespace has put a lot of time into designing a platform that functions well for the restaurant industry, and a prime example of this is how they handle food menus. They have a built-in menu block that takes your menu content and displays it in a clean, easy-to-read, consistently formatted manner.

The best part? It's mobile-friendly. Since the vast majority of folks who visit a restaurant’s website are on their phones, and most of these people want to see your menu, ensuring that it is easy to read on a phone is critical to a well-functioning restaurant website.

3. Deep Integration

One of the best features of Squarespace is its ability to use your content in various places across your site. While this might not be as important for a smaller restaurant, if you are selling consumer packaged goods, specialty food products, or retail items on your site, this tool can be incredibly helpful.

Say, for example, that you are the lucky owner of a whiskey distillery. You have a blog on your site, and you've posted a good amount of recipes using your products. Instead of just letting these posts sit on your blog and hope that people come across them, with Squarespace, you can embed these posts on various pages across your site, further engaging your audience with your brand.

So, you have a couple of recipes using your bourbon. Well, how cool would it be if you could easily link these recipes on the bourbons product page? Squarespace makes this super simple with their "Summary Block” feature. You'll be able to use tags and pull specific content to specific pages. And when you add a new recipe, it automatically updates all the locations you’ve placed the summary blocks throughout your site.

4. Beautiful Design

Right out of the box, Squarespace offers some of the best web design out there. With some simple tweaks and graphic design skills, these sites can be made to look super custom, without a bunch of coding.

Squarespace has done an excellent job of balancing design and function, and we love the ability to tweak their existing templates to create a customized look for our clients while taking advantage of Squarespace's robust backend.

5. Built for Mobile

With most of our clients’ web traffic coming from mobile devices, having a mobile-optimized site is absolutely essential. More and more visitors to websites are viewing them on mobile devices - and for restaurants, this is especially true. The whole Squarespace platform is built with mobile in mind. Nothing particularly special needs to be done to optimize your site to be mobile - the platform is designed from the ground up to be responsive.

This means that when your site is loaded on a mobile platform, it responds to the size of the screen and loads content to fit perfectly on a phone, tablet, or desktop. Not only is this great from a user experience perspective, but it also is critical for your SEO efforts!

6. Designed to Sell

One thing we really love about Squarespace is how simple they make sharing products in various places throughout your site. If you're selling products online, once they have been loaded into a Squarespace store, these products can be placed on any page you'd like.

For example, if you're selling BBQ sauce on your site, and write a blog post for a recipe calling for one of your sauces, you can embed the product you are calling for right in the post. Then a user can check out the recipe, decide they want to make it, and easily purchase your product, right there in the blog post. They don't have to search your site or store page to find the right product. Essentially, you can make sale conversions a piece of cake with Sqaurespace.

7. Built-in SEO

Squarespace has a number of tools and built-in features to maximize your search engine reach. It's doing all sorts of magic on the back end to optimize your site, without having to lift a finger. From automatically building your sitemap, to providing an easy place for you to update your sites meta description, they have really gone above and beyond to help boost your sites SEO efforts.

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